Hi Beautiful!

My name is Sandra and I am your Go to Girl for all things in  Life & Relationships.

My Mission is to share what I have learned through my own personal journey to overcome the Struggles of Heartache, Rejection , Neglect, Betrayal, Depression, and Emotional eating to create a Life, Marriage and a Body I Finally Love.

My Purpose is to  help busy Mom’s and unfulfilled Wives go from tired, overwhelmed and running on empty to being the Powerful, Confident , Happy and Sexy Women they’ve been dying to Unleash.

I have Dedicated My life to Empowering Women by sharing  tools that help women and couples have massive shifts in their mindset that bring them more love, passion, freedom and happiness in their life. 

No matter your dreams or obstacles, you have the Power to Change your life & Impact the World.

The Worlds Needs that Powerful, Strong, Smart, Beautiful, Rebellious Woman you’ve been dying to Unleash. It’s my Honor to show you the way❤️

I Share Tools to Help Women Reclaim Your Power, Ignite Your Dreams & Live to your Full Potential

If you are ready to get support, motivation, education and life changing results, from someone who has been there and is REAL; I’d love to be your coach. Just message me on the CONTACT page.

When I Hit Rock Bottom

Not long ago I found myself on my kitchen floor. Crying. Sobbing. Desperate. A mom to 5 beautiful kids…and I hit rock bottom.

I was overwhelmed, broken, lost and heartbroken. My marriage was falling apart. I had lost complete control of everything important to me. I hated myself and the person I had let myself become: obese, lonely and depressed. No career, no relationship and no self-esteem left. There I was on the kitchen floor, sobbing.

And that was the turning point for me. I knew that I could either give up now, or choose to fight for the life I wanted. Something inside of me woke up. It was like the lioness in me had finally risen and was not going to back down without a fight. I knew this was going to be the hardest, bloodiest fight of my life but I had to do this for my family and for myself.

And So Began my Journey of Healing.

I fought hard & single-mindedly to turn things around. I looked inward. I faced the darkness. I took the time to remember who I really was, and who I wanted to be. I worked at it –my marriage, my health, my body, my mindset, my emotions. I knew that I never wanted to be in that low place again.

Since starting my journey I have gone from having no confidence or control in my life to regaining control of not only my health and finances but also it has helped me gain back my confidence, drive, self-belief and passion for life and my families’ future.
But I will never, ever forget that moment on my kitchen floor, which is why I am sharing my story with you. If I can do it, anyone can.

This blog is about paying forward what GOD has blessed me with. It is my purpose and life mission to help people realize their true potential and have a marriage, body and life they love. I want to help you fight for your marriage, for yourself and the Life that you want to Create.

I would Love to connect with you! I have found that GOD creates masterpieces out of Brokenness. I know life can grab you and beat the light out of you but I also know that you can fight back. It Only takes a Small glimmer of light to Pierce Darkness and Give Hope.Don’t ever let anyone dim your light. You were made to shine! You were made for more!

You Got This!!!